Property Inspection Trip Movie for GoldMark Estates – September 2021

GoldMark Estates
September 2021
İskele & Alsancak in North Cyprus
Property Movies, Corporate Movies, Promotional Movies

On this project we provided professional ground camera and aerial shootings, scenario and movie editing for one of the biggest real estate and investment consultancy company GoldMark Estates in Cyprus.

GoldMark offer high quality house, villa, apartment, residential buildings, condos, flats for sale in North Cyprus. During the video we visited Ercan Airport, Caesar Resort in İskele Long Beach, GoldMark Offices in Kyrenia and İskele, Kıbrıs Developments Natura and Kıbrıs Town Houses projects and Gave Coffee Shop in Alsancak for shootings.

We offer all kind of video solutions with aerial and ground shootings, movie editing, scenario, casting and all necessary things to satisfy your needs.

Our team are qualified, experienced and fast to finish projects on time. We are well-experienced about property, construction and real estate video works and filming.

Thanks to GoldMark Estates for choosing us for their property inspection video in North Cyprus.

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