our features

We create advertising, destination, documentary, informational and real estate movies.
Movie Editing
We edit your recorded videos and turn them into movies.
Music & Sound
We find the most suitable music and sounds for the videos in a copyrighted way.
Viral Videos
We create viral videos to promote product, brand, services or companies.
We make commercial photography to create a professional image for product and services.
Viral Photos
We create viral photos to promote product, services, brands and companies in a fastest way.
Influencing Projects
We organize and manage social media influencing projects to create the most effective awareness.
Social Media Consultancy
We share our vision and experiences to improve your business in new era.
soc. med.

frequently asking questions

Where are you based?
We are based in North Cyprus. But we made projects all around the world.
What is your approach to video shooting?
Nowadays video production is much more important to reach people faster and more efficiently. It must be affordable with the quality. And story is the most important thing.
Could we see a preview and make changes before we get the final video?
Yes sure. But we only cannot change music easily. Because of that we decide the music with client together before the editing process. We may charge extra for the complete changes.
We don't appreciate being photographed or filmed, what can we do?
Everyone has same problems sometimes. We had the same situation at the beginning. Everything start with a small steps. Need practise and right directions.
How do we book your video service?
Let us call or message. When we understand what you really need, we make offer for you. Then we can discuss about production and scenario together.
Do you also offer a photography service?
Yes sure. We make professional photography long time. We can help you for personal or commercial needs about photography.