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VDNKh Park Moscow VLOG Russia

In VDNKh Park Moscow VLOG, we share some travel tips about the Amusement center, Cosmonautics Museum & Ice Skating in Russia 2020. VDNKh Park includes Soviet country pavilions, museums, exhibitions, fairs and parks, in which you can also admire the achievements of the past Soviet communist era. It also knows as All-Russian Exhibition Center.

The complex occupies a territory of 3km2 and has 400 buildings. There are many pavilions dedicated to the Soviet countries.

There are some samples of Russian Aerospace and aircraft technologies Vostok space rocket, Yak-42 aircraft, Buran aircraft and Mi-8 combat helicopter.

The Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics and Space Exploration, The Word Slavic Writing Center, The Architectural model of Moscow Russia and gigantic Ice Skating rink and Statue of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin is located in the complex.

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Year 2019
Director Alp Galip
Writers Alp Galip
Starring Alp Galip, Altug Galip