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Uzbekistan Tourism Video

In this Uzbekistan Tourism Video we visit top travel destinations Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand. There are amazing historical heritages in Khiva, Samarkand Bukhara Uzbekistan Tourism Video. Ancient cities are well protected and clean. Uzbek people are friendly, kind and helpful. It is not expensive to travel around the country. There are flights and fast train between the cities. Uzbek cuisine has great variety of meet, vegetables and rice. We have been at the international music festival called ”Sharq Toranalari” and had a chance to meet with President Shavkat Mirzoyayev, prime minister and some other politicians. We believe that the country will have more tourists soon. They are modern Islamic country with human beings.

Lets watch our travel movie to explore historical beauties and Uzbek culture of the country.

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Year 2019
Director Alp Galip
Writers Alp Galip
Starring Alp Galip